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A collection of introductions to the 十大娱乐平台排行榜 - 十大网络娱乐平台排名 story—about those who continue to write it.
Alexa Chalnick
Alexa Chalnick
Turning Limes into Lemonade
TikTok star Alexa Chalnick ’23 turned setbacks into successes by embracing creative resilience and daring other artists to join in.
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Traci Hughes
Traci Hughes
Leadership, Curiosity, Change
Being “the change she wants to see” moves global HR leader Traci Hughes ’85 forward—and inspires the life’s work she began at IC.   
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Andrew Roberts '26
Andrew Roberts
Leveling the Playing Field
Diagnosed with autism, Andrew Roberts ’26 was told he might never speak. Now, this Park scholar is leveling the playing field.  
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Best University in the North

U.S. News & World Report thinks quite highly of us. We’ve been in the top 15 of their regional university rankings for more than 30 years straight.

Waterfalls Near Campus

Natural splendor is never in short supply in Ithaca, including cascading water. "Ithaca is gorges” for a reason.